All you need to know about our materials, designing and producing processes is here, You will be surprised …

ERAMI Rugs Art Group with 87 years of manufacturing and more than half a century of expertise in international trade is proud to present this most traditional Persian handicraft.

Our aim is to keep alive the old and classic methods of carpet production. This is achieved by using the best quality material, the most natural dyes, the ancient traditional and modern designs and devotion of master craftsmen.

We have started our activity in the direction of rug’s knit and have tried to expand and diversify this national art. And also have tried to draw rug’s lovers attention with keeping up the innovation, dynamism, populism and observation on various tastes and attitudes.

Now, ERAMI Rugs Art Group is intent to understand the opinions of our dear visitors and starts a new way , for our more active future, with your suggestion and taste evaluation. 

By doing so, we ensure production of classic Persian Rugs which have stood the test of time over its 2000 years history. 

Amir hossein erami